Starting out

what 1000 balloons looks like

Small business are a dime a dozen really, and today I joined the ranks. What makes a small business successful however? Well I’m not sure yet, but here is what BalloonsDirect offers you.

1. We solve a problem.

We know what it’s like to be running around at the last minute getting everything ready for that birthday party or bridal shower. And we all know that balloons make it a party really. But how do you get Helium Balloons in the car and back in time as well as doing everything else? You call us of course.


2. We provide the best service we can.

We are genuinely service orientated people. We love trying to solve a problem or just make your life easier.


3. We love balloons.

It’s a good thing really I guess. A lot of people don’t love balloons.  And if you’re inflating and tying 400 balloons at an event by the end of the day we don’t really love balloons all that much anymore.  But the next morning when the feet have recovered then we love balloons again.

4. We bring creativity and ideas.

When you’re stuck for ideas give us a call.  We have some really big ideas that we’d love to try.  We just need people to try it with us.