Halloween is one of those events that you either love or you hate. It is becoming more popular in South Africa – no where near as serious as in the USA, but quite a few complexes are getting involved.

This was our first Halloween trading, so we didn’t have many orders, and we’re hoping that the inspiration we’ve found on other websites will inspire you to have a halloween party this year (and of course decorate with halloween balloons)

Halloween Balloons ready to inflate
Halloween Balloons ready to inflate
Halloween Bat Balloons
Halloween Bat Balloons
Orange, black and halloween printed crystal clear balloons
Orange, black and halloween printed crystal clear balloons
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Ghost Balloons

designimprovised.com shows you how to create super simple ghost balloons using white latex helium balloons, black permanent marker, white crepe paper and double sided tape.

Haeley also has an amazing blog post on Halloween balloon ideas that you can check out here for ideas. 6 Simple Halloween Balloon Ideas

If anyone is interested in this for their halloween party, contact us and let us know.

Silhouette Balloons

What a super simple idea Nest of Posies has come up with.

You can even get the kids involved with this one.  All you need is helium balloons, wool, a few templates cut out and a sharpie Koki.

Hanging Spider Balloons

Anyone who knows me understands what a complete but COMPLETE arachnophobe I am, so even posting a link to this idea on my blog shows what an awesome idea I think it is.

Not only do I love that the spiders aren’t that scary – I mean who can be scared of glittery spiders, but I also love how Studio DIY doesn’t go with the standard orange and black balloons for Halloween, the mint green thrown in gives it such a sophisticated twist.

For more ideas, follow our Halloween Balloons board on Pinterest

Halloween Balloons