Glitter Balloons – DIY

DIY Glitter Balloons

Glitter Balloons are gorgeous, there is no other way to describe them. They really add glamour to a party.

They take a little time to put together, but the result is always amazing.

You will need:

12″ Clear Latex Balloons

Glitter (obviously)

A funnel

Hi-Float or Balloon Oomph

A hand pump


Glitter to be used in a balloon

Get your glitter ready.

My personal favourites are pink or gold.

Deflated Clear Latex Balloon

You will need to use a 12″ clear crystal latex balloon.

Using a hand pump inflate the balloon with about 4 or five pumps.

Don’t blow into the balloon using your breath as it leaves condensation inside the balloon.

Let the air out the balloon, and you will see your balloon is now much bigger looking.

Deflated Expanded latex balloon

Now you need to add hi-float or balloon-oomf to the balloon.

A single pump of each will do.

This coats the balloon with a glue like substance which makes the glitter stick to the sides of the balloon.

When you put the glue into the balloon you rub it in to coat the entire inside of the balloon with the glue.

Insert the funnel into the neck of the balloon so that you can put the glitter in to the balloon.

Funnel in a latex balloon to add glitter

You will need to put about a teaspoon worth of glitter into the balloon.

If you put to much your balloon won’t float, or it will tilt upside down.  Bear in mind that a 12″ balloon can hold about 20 grams and still float when inflated with helium.  Also when you add hi-flaot or balloon-oomf (I use Balloon-oomf because it is more cost effective here in South Africa) it already adds weight to the balloon.

You might need to inflate a few to get that perfect weight.

The good thing to know, is once the Balloon-oomf has dried a balloon that was previously floating down by the floor will slowly start to rise.

For most of my clients I will inflate the balloons the night before an event to be sure the balloons are all floating beautifully.

Adding Glitter to a balloon using a funnel

Once the glitter is in the balloon – DO NOT RUB the balloon.  If you do you will end up with clumps of glitter in some areas.

Instead what you need to do is hold the neck of the balloon and then shake the balloon to cover the inside.

Inflate the balloon using helium.

Pink Glitter Balloons

Tie it with a ribbon that matches the colour of the balloon and Voila.

Pink Glitter Balloon
DIY Glitter Balloons