Balloons Popping

Popped balloon

It does not matter how long you work with balloons, a balloon popping scares the pants off you.  Every.  Single. Time.

It also, in our business, tends to cause near pant-wetting giggles.  Every. Single. Time.

There are downsides to this.

The first is normally I have to sit on the floor to be able to stop myself laughing.  When we are doing an on-site setup this does not look very professional.  But balloons are fun so people tend to forgive us.

The second is that when a balloon pops in an empty space it echoes.  And the person closest to the balloon tends to go slightly deaf for a bit and have ringing ears.  I’m normally that person.  This is why when we deliver balloons we tend to bring them inside in small bunches.  Doors, plants and rough walls are not the friends of balloons…. and therefore not friends of balloonsdirect ears either.

When we are doing a function setup, then it’s normally some poor unsuspecting helper at the event who is either setting up for catering or music or just tidying up that gets the fright.  So if we’re setting up for you, we apologise in advance because there will be at least one loud bang.

Lastly, if the balloon has been treated with hi-float then the person holding the popped balloon normally ends up covered in glue and general stickiness.