Glitter Balloons – DIY

Glitter Balloons are gorgeous, there is no other way to describe them. They really add glamour to a party. They take a little time to put together, but the result is always amazing. You will need: 12" Clear Latex Balloons Glitter (obviously) A funnel Hi-Float or Balloon Oomph A hand pump Helium Get your glitter… Continue reading Glitter Balloons – DIY

Balloons Popping

It does not matter how long you work with balloons, a balloon popping scares the pants off you.  Every.  Single. Time. It also, in our business, tends to cause near pant-wetting giggles.  Every. Single. Time. There are downsides to this. The first is normally I have to sit on the floor to be able to… Continue reading Balloons Popping

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Wedding Balloons April

Today was a quiet day for deliveries, however we did have 2 large orders. Our afternoon was spent setting up at a wonderful venue in Northcliff (House Higgo). 100 Satin Pearl white and Satin pearl Pearl latex balloons were tied to steel pins and these were pushed into the lawn. Hopefully the bride and groom… Continue reading Wedding Balloons April

Win Balloons in our April Event Balloon Giveaway 2016

Win balloons for your April event to the value of R500 Are you hosting a baby shower, birthday party, anniversary celebration or some other event in April 2016? If so enter our April 2016 balloon giveaway and you could win balloons to the value of R500.

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Ideas for using small balloons for your party

One of my favourite things about balloons is the amazing ways people find to use them.  I was recently sent a sample of these gorgeous 5″ Latex small balloons and my first reaction was “these are too tiny to do anything with”.  So of course the first thing I did was jump onto Pinterest to… Continue reading Ideas for using small balloons for your party

Christmas Trading Times

Can you believe it’s that time of year already?  Exams, office parties and then finally holidays!! Please note the following important dates: HOLIDAY DATES: Balloons Direct will be closed from 16 December until 11 January. LAST ORDERS : If you need balloons delivered before 17 January your order must be placed by 11 December as… Continue reading Christmas Trading Times

Halloween Balloons

Orange, black and halloween printed crystal clear balloons
Halloween is one of those events that you either love or you hate. It is becoming more popular in South Africa - no where near as serious as in the USA, but quite a few complexes are getting involved. This was our first Halloween trading, so we didn't have many orders, and we're hoping that… Continue reading Halloween Balloons
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Starting out

Small business are a dime a dozen really, and today I joined the ranks. What makes a small business successful however? Well I’m not sure yet, but here is what BalloonsDirect offers you. 1. We solve a problem. We know what it’s like to be running around at the last minute getting everything ready for… Continue reading Starting out

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